Sarah Hall, Client Care Representative

Isaac and Sarah Ombra

Sarah has been in love with animals her whole life, she joined the veterinary hospital scene at the age of 15 in Upstate New York. She volunteered at clinics, and farms until she was old enough to work a full-time job in a doggie daycare and boarding kennel. Over the years she has lived in different states and held different job titles, many things have changed, but the thing that has always stayed the same is always working with animals. She has always been a people person and began working as a client care representative in 2014. Sarah drives from Wiggins, CO every day. Some people think she is crazy, we just call her dedicated. In between commutes to work and the hospital hours, she spends time with her husband Isaac and her 3 ponies, 4 dogs, 4 cats and the field mice. In her free time, she enjoys renovating her 100-year-old house, camping, playing music, photography, and traveling. Some things she would like to experience during her life are, going to school to become a veterinarian, herd cattle, bathe an elephant, and be a rodeo photographer.

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