Diagnostic Imaging

Here at Countryside, we utilize the precision of an Elkin digital radiography system. With this, we are able to capture a superior quality of detailed radiographs.

A PicoDigital ultrasound is utilized for musculoskeletal imaging, primarily in exploring tendons. This system is also used in respiratory and abdominal ultrasonography

As radiographs and ultrasounds are widely used for imaging joints, bones, and tendons, CLAVS recently adopted the needlescope as a new tool for further diagnosis of joints. In the event that a problem can not be diagnosed through the use of radiographs and ultrasound, a needlescope can be used  as it allows the visualization of the interior aspect of joints through a special needle. No incisions or sutures are needed. The procedure can usually be performed with the horse standing under sedation and local block. It is a great new option that can be considered when planning the best treatment for your horse.

Lameness Exams

Our highly qualified veterinarians utilize both state of the art technologies as well as lifetimes of experiences and daily interactions to analyze equine lameness. Each of our veterinarians have extensive backgrounds in the raising, riding, shoeing, training, and competing of horses, donkeys, and mules. Horsemanship and an understanding of equine animals makes each one of them conscious of all aspects of the horse's health and well-being.