Our aqua-tread allows us to not only rehabilitate, but also condition equine athletes without having the detrimental effects of concussion from the ground. The system allows us to control the depth of water, increasing or decreasing buoyancy of your horse up to 60 percent. This helps in reducing the force from each foot fall, proving to be especially beneficial to horses with orthopedic issues of the feet or legs.

The treadmill provides the utmost safety and is an alternative to post-surgical hand walking. With a reduced risk of reinjuring, your equine companion will heal thoroughly, and have a faster recovery rate to get you back into the competition.

Without some degree of contact to a surface during exercise, your horse's soft tissues such as the flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments can become soft and unconditioned, allowing for greater chance of injury when performing. The Walking on Water system has proven to be superior to swimming in a pool as the soft tissues still have a mild ground force contact on a consistent surface. Additionally, the natural body frame of the horse is maintained throughout the workout session.

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